Steel Stud Projects

The demand for steel framed buildings has steadily increased over the years.  In keeping up with the demand, Siefken Engineering Ltd. in 2003 expanded their staff to meet the growing needs of their clients, working with developers to structurally design high quality steel framed buildings.

Steel stud systems are:

  • Non-flammable – it will actually contain a fire and keep it from spreading.
  • Robust and resilient – Walls stay straight, floors are flat, non-sticking doors and windows.   Over time the evidence is  more dramatic  it won’t shrink, warp or swell – a steel building will remain straight and sturdy
  • Safe from termites, rot and mold.
  • The most recycled material on earth- all new steel is currently produced with recycled steel
  • Pre-engineered off site – reducing construction time and costs.
  • Pre-punched with holes to allow the passage of electrical, telephone, TV cables, etc.- a enormous time and money saver when under construction.
  • Price stability – this allows accurate budget estimates.
  • One of the strongest building materials available.
  • Easy to remodel the flexibility of the system and longer spans between load bearing steel stud walls allow easy design changes and interior renovations

Listed Below is a small sample of the Steel Stud Projects that we have designed.

Mah's Point, Whitehorse, Yukon


6 storey mixed-use complex



The Element, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Sherbrook Street , Winnipeg – 4 Stories – 44 Unit Residential Complex




Casel, Calgary, Alberta
Nine Storey mixed-used condominium complex
Laurel Retirement Residence, Edmonton, Alberta
Preston II – Edmonton, Alberta
Retirement Residence, 178 units 6 stories
Great Wolf Lodge,
Great Wolf Lodge
Resort Hotel including Waterpark, Niagara Falls
The Wedgewoods, Calgary, Alberta
3 Phase Project – 3 buildings – 600 units in total